Resources for Community School Development
The following tools and resources are intended to support the implementation and continual improvement of community schools at all stages of development.  We hope that you find these resources useful and encourage you to contact us if you can't find something you are looking for or need support utilizing any of our tools.

Community School Implementation Tools
Addressing Complex Challenges
Peer Shared Best Practice Tools
Supporting Research & Evaluations

Other Resources

Community School Implementation Tools

Guide to Community School Transformation
A roadmap for starting community school transformation .

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships
The guide is written for a wide audience and for communities at different points in planning for, implementing, and sustaining a community schools strategy.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
This sample MOU can be used as a basis for establishing an agreed upon set of expectations between a school, lead partner agency, and any other parties with which a school partners.

Resource Coordinator Job Description Samples
RC Job Description - Enlace Chicago
R C Job Description - University Partner

Commmunity Needs Assessments
Community Needs Assessment: Overview
Community Needs Assessment: All
4th-8th Grade Student Needs Assessment
High School Student Needs Assessment
Student Wish List Survey
Teacher Assessment
Parent Interest Survey
Community Focus Group Design
School & Community Demographic Data
School & Community Conditions Analysis

Community Asset Mapping
Community Asset Mapping: Overview
Community Resource Assessment
Overview and Community Resource Assessment

Advisory Board Development Planning
Community School Advisory Boards: How Resource Coordinators Can Engage Community Members in Shared Ownership of the Community School
Step 1: Identifying Potential Members
Step 2: Prioritizing Potential Members
Step 3: Identifying Strengths of Potential Members
Step 4: Inviting Advisory Board Members
Creating an Engaging Environment
Sample Advisory Board Meeting Agenda

Out-of-School Time Planning
Afterschool Lesson Plan Database
Afterschool Training Toolkit: Building Quality Enrichment Activities
Consumer Guide to Afterschool Science Resources

Newsletter Templates
General Community Schools Newsletter Template
General Community Schools Newsletter Template - Spanish

Addressing Complex Challenges

Common Core Transition
Community schools and resource coordinators, in particular, have an important role to play in supporting student learning that is engaging, collaborative, fosters critical thinking AND is aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards . Check out the many resources we have to help your community school aligning programming to the CCSS .

Child and Adolescent Trauma
Far too many of our children are exposed to violence and trauma which often manifest themselves in an array of behaviors that make learning and engaging in the school environment incredibly challenging.  Through awareness and trauma-informed practices, community schools can help create school environments that are more supporting young people who have or continue to experience trauma.
- Understanding the Effects of Child and Adolescent Trauma and How Community Schools Can Respond
- ICOY Trauma-Informed Practices

Other Resources

Chicago Public Schools, Community Schools Initiative
Coalition for Community Schools
Afterschool Alliance
National Center for Community Schools

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