Thank you to all of our incredible workshop presenters who helped to make our 10th Annual Community Schools Forum such a success!  The handouts and presentations shared in each workshop are listed below.  We will update this page as we receive materials from presenters.  If you can't find something you are looking for, please contact Havilah
 Session 1 | 9:15AM – 10:45AM
Future Hits Enrichment: Teach Language and Literacy Through Heartfelt Bilingual Songs
Matt Baron, Founder, Future Hits

- Welcome letter and agenda
- Future Hits General Guidelines
- Future Hits Album Download Codes
- ALL Songs and Activities

Community Schools 101: A Strategy, Not a Program
Kim Kelly, Associate Director of Community School Initiatives, Family Focus, Inc.
Erika Robinson, Resource Coordinator, Henderson Elementary School & Family Focus, Inc.
Carlos Vera, Program Coordinator, Community Schools Initiative, Chicago Public Schools

- Sample Weekly Schedule
- Sample Principal Meeting Agenda
- Resource Mapping
- Inventory of Community Resources
- Asset Mapping - Provider Info Sheet
- Community School Parthenon
- Stages of Development

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments
Calvin Evans, Improv Specialist, Free Lunch Academy
SaLesha Mason, Choreographer, Free Lunch Academy

- FLA PowerPoint
- FLA Creating Inclusive Learning Environments Handout
- Free Lunch Academy 2-Pager

From Vision to Action: Engaging Families at the Start
Parent Engagement Team from Youth Guidance 

Scientists for Tomorrow: An example of partnership between Community Schools, Higher Education and Informal Education Institutions
Marcelo Caplan, Associate Professor, Dept. of Science &  Mathematics - Columbia College Chicago
Evelyn Oropeza, Program Coordinator, Dept. of Science &  Mathematics - Columbia College Chicago

Supporting Adult Education & Workforce Development through Community Schools
Ed Center, Vice President, Education, United Way of Bay Area
Carlos Smith, Resource Coordinator, Metropolitan Family Services & Smith Elementary School

Having Wellness & Wellbeing is An Awesome Thing!
Sheree Blakemore, Program Manager/WOW Supervisor, Youth Guidance

Connecting families to available human services program and benefits
Illinois Department of Human Services 

Postsecondary Access & Systems Change
Joselin Cisneros, Post-Secondary Coordinator, Enlace Chicago
Fanny Diego-Alvarez, Director of Community Schools, Enlace Chicago
Ana Herrera, Counselor, Greater Lawndale School of Social Justice
Katya Nuques, Associate Director, Enlace Chicago
Quintiliano Rios, Post-Secondary Coordinator, Enlace Chicago

Advocacy for Dummies -- Or Smart People with No Advocacy Experience
Jack Kaplan, Director, Public Policy and Advocacy, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago and United Way of Illinois
Julie Schifeling, Executive Outreach Program Director Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service Bradley University

- Advocacy 101 PowerPoint
 Session 2 | 11:00AM – 12:30PM
Beyond the School Building: Collaboration Between Neighboring Schools for Community Change
Sergio Cira-Reyes, Community School Coordinator, KSSN & Sibley Elementary
Caroline Geist, Community School Coordinator, KSSN & Stocking Elementary
Jullianie Mackey, Community School Coordinator, KSSN & Harrison Park School
Kyle Ringwald, Community Schools Coordinator, KSSN & East Kentwood Freshman Campus
Erika VanDyke, Graduate Student, Michigan State University

- Beyond the School Building PowerPoint
Harnessing the Power of Parents through Community Schools
Elizabeth Averyhart, POM (Parents On a Mission) Member, Chute Middle School
Missy Carpenter, Director of Community Schools, Y.O.U. Evanston
Sandra Herrarte, PLUS (Parent Leaders Uniting Skokie) Member, Lincoln Junior High
Carol Johnson, Organizer, Community Organizing & Family Issues
Amy LaDuke, Community School Manager, Y.O.U & Chute Middle School
Erin Moore, Community School Manager, Y.O.U. & Lincoln Junior High
Graciela Suarez, Organizer, Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI)

- Harnessing the Power of Parent PowerPoint Presentation
- Principles of 1 on 1

GYO as an Agent of Change – Inside and Outside the Classroom
Alheli M. Irizarry, Teacher Pathway Coordinator, Enlace Chicago
Kate Van Winkle, Director, Grow Your Own Teachers

- Enlace's 5 Organizing Principles
- Elements of a Relational Meeting
- Stick Figure Og

Supporting Common Core Learning and PARCC Achievement
Dana Anthony, Resource Coordinator, Children's Home + Aid & Langford Elementary School
Eduardo Perez, Parent Liaison for Rollins Elementary School
Kelsey Pierce, Pullman Elementary School
Dr. Barbara Radner, Associate Professor and Director, Center for Urban Education at DePaul University

- Chicago Poem Construction Kit
Maximizing Learning Relationships through Culturally Responsive Teaching
Dr. Durriyyah Kemp, Educator, Social & Emotional Learning, University of Illinois Extension
We want YOU! Use your knowledge & expertise to boost afterschool quality
Kelley Talbot, ACT Now Coalition
Using Social Media to Enhance Community School Efforts
Susy Schultz, President, Community Media Workshop 
Build Your Financial Muscle
Andrea T. Mills, MBA, CPA, CCSA, CGMA, Director, Fiscal Management Associates
- Building Your Financial Muscle PowerPoint
A Faster Track to Impact: Strategic Volunteer Management
Lisa Larsen, Director, Schools & Youth, HandsOn Suburban Chicago
Christine Smith, Executive Director, HandsOn Suburban Chicago

- A Faster Track to Impact PowerPoint
- Professional Skills Matrix
- Readiness Checklist for Engaging Pro Bono & Highly Skilled Volunteers
- Seriously Effective Volunteer Engagement Infographic

Youth-Centered Approach to Supporting the Sexual Health of Young People
Aisha Chaudhri, Education Coordinator, Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH)
- Youth-Centered Approach Prezi Presentation
 Session 3 | 2:30PM – 4:00PM
Individualized learning and skill development Beyond the Bell
Janet Levings, Research Associate, Eduation Program, American Institutes for Research
Fausto Lopez, TA Consultant, American Institutes for Research

Building and Sustaining Partnerships in Community Schools
Marjory Lewe-Brady, Director of Partnerships for Wellness, Safety and Achievement, WeGo Together for Kids, West Chicago Elementary District 33
Sarah Smith, Coordinator of Partnerships for Wellness, Safety and Achievement, WeGo Together for Kids, West Chicago Elementary District 33

- Building and Sustaining Partnerships PP
Behavior Management that Meets Your Mission
Stacey Fredericks, Resource Coordinator, America SCORES Chicago & Pilsen Community Academy
Deb Goldstein McGarvey
, Director of Community Schools, America SCORES Chicago

- Behavior Management PowerPoint
- Establishing Procedures
- Game Day Expectations for Parents
- Student Contract and Consequences
- 100 Ways to Show a Child You Care

Trauma-Informed Practice
Michelle Arnold, Program Director, Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY)
Ngozi Harris, WOW Counselor, Youth Guidance & Chicago Vocational Career Academy
Michelle Howell, Program Coordinator, Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY)

- Exercise Being Trauma-Informed PowerPoint
- Core Element Comparison Chart
- Daily Stress Busters
- Intake Form Trauma Screener Suggestions
- The 5Ss
- Resources List
- Trauma Trainings Chart

Building Pathways to Systemic Family Engagement in Community Schools
Sarah Ogeto, Principal Consultant, College and Career Readiness Division, Illinois State Board of Education
- Building Pathways PowerPoint
- Family Engagement Framework Brief

Engaging Girls and Discovering Their Strengths
Gail Day, WOW Program Manager, Youth Guidance
- Engaging Girls PowerPoint
- What Do You See? Perception Activity
- Sample Quotes

Join the Movement!  Help Ensure Increased Support for Your Community Schools
Patrick Brosnan, Executive Director, Brighton Park Neighborhood Council
Melissa Mitchell, Executive Director, Federation for Community Schools
Federation for Community Schools • 125 S. Wacker Drive • 14th Floor • Chicago • IL 60606 • 312.424.6814