The Federation for Community Schools believes that all children should have equal access to a high quality education that supports their academic, physical, social and emotional development – resulting from an alignment of strong schools working in partnership with community agencies that provide after school programming.

The Federation for Community Schools is a member coalition that works to preserve, promote and sustain community schools, which achieves the organization’s vision, across the nation through policy changes, professional development, and programmatic advancements.
Theory of Change
The Federation predicates its work on a theory of change that will ultimately support generations of students, who are succeeding both in school and life because these students have been given access to expanded educational opportunities, support for their emotional and physical well being, increase in parental involvement, and participation from their community.

Inclusion :  The Federation values the diversity of its various stakeholders, which include parents, school administrators, teachers, students, community members and agency partners and works to integrate their perspectives in all that the Federation does.

Integrity :  The Federation upholds the highest ethical standards by honoring our commitments and respecting all of our stakeholders.

Engagement :  The Federation will actively dialogue with and provide services to its members and ensure that they can effectively discuss and promote community schools throughout Illinois.

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